60mm Blue Goldstone Barrette, Brass + Copper French Barrette 1


60mm Blue Goldstone Barrette, Brass + Copper French Barrette

Barrette (the part that clips in your hair) Length: 60mm
Whole Barrette Length: 75mm
Gemstone: Blue Goldstone [it so sparkles while providing wisdom, energy, and courage]

*Please feel free to ask questions about barrette size.


Laura’s Handmade Barrette Process:
The brass shapes I use when making these barrettes are hand sawed by me; the copper bezel is measured, soldered, size checked, and attached to the brass shapes by me. I use brass wire to secure the body of the barrette to the actual clip portion of the barrette; then after the barrette is polished I glue the body and barrette together for extra durability.

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Additional information

Jewelry Designer

Laura Renecker


Blue Goldstone

Barrette Length



Brass, Copper, Blue Goldstone, Stainless Steel




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