Large Celestite


Its blue, it looks divine, and maybe its even from the heavens? Celestite assists with a restful sleep while promoting calming and soothing vibes. So, if you are trying to bring some peace and harmony into your life/home/sleep, this buddy might be able to give you some peace of mind. You will receive the stone pictured.

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Celestite: a quick run down

Celestite received its name from the celestial blue color in its crystals and now many people claim this stone is divine or heavenly. Celestite is a strontium sulfate distinguished by its high specific gravity (density), tabular crystals that resemble barite, relative softness and transparency to translucency. Found in sedimentary deposits, veins and cavities, it is often associated with minerals such as gypsum and dolomite. Most of the fine specimens today come from Madagascar.

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Length: 95mm, Width: 80mm, Height: 45mm


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