Upcycled Margarita Glass UNSCENTED Candles


Dude, we are not trying to compete with dinner. If you light scented candles will eating, please just stop. You don’t need to overwhelm your other senses unless your cooking is just that bad.

-hand poured candles
-coconut wax burns cleaner and longer. It is also a more sustainable source than other waxes.
-reusable container once you are done!

Candle Information:
wax type: coconut wax blend
scent: unscented
wick: wood
burn time: 25+ hours
this candle is one of a kind, so burn time has not been tested (I underestimate the burn time).
Coconut wax blends burn longer, cleaner, and at a lower temperature than other waxes.
hand poured in small batches by Laura Renecker in Portland, Oregon.

Height: 6.75″
Width: 4.75″



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