Succulent Care

The following is for people who love succulents or have attended one of our succulent workshops and need an assist in maintaining their indoor succulent garden in the PNW.

Light: succulents enjoy full direct sunlight and bright indirect light (keeping them by a window is perfect)

Soil:soil should be well draining. If there is no hole for drainage, then a layer of rock will suffice just fine

Water: Succulents like a good watering, but don’t like their roots to sit in water. Allow soil to dry between each watering. Less is more in the beginning…you can always come back from under-watering, but not over-watering. When beginning to water a new succulent garden, I try and do about 1-1.5oz (shot/espresso glass) of water per plant. It’s enough to notice the weight change, but not enough to over-water

I can’t see the soil…How do I tell if its dry?

  1. Check the soil by putting your finger in it…see if it is damp and cool. If it is, no need for watering. If it is light and dry…that means the soil has dried out.
  2. Another tactic is to lift the pot every day from the time you water. You are trying to feel how heavy it initially is. As the pot gets lighter, the water is drying out. When it feels the same weight for multiple days, you know that the soil is all the way dried out and you can give your garden a good soak again.
  3. When you first start your succulent garden, you should do both of these together, so you can get to know your indoor garden. The more times you do it, the more familiar you become with the process and then easier it is down the road. Remember, at first you will have nothing to compare this to…so just start going through the motions

Fertilizer: Succulents do not require a lot of fertilizer. Watering them once a month with a well-balanced fertilizer is all they need. (10-10-10 fertilizer) As with any house plant, you don’t have to fertilize, but sometimes it’s just what they need to perk them back up. Remember to always dilute fertilizer with water

By Laura Renecker at Model Institution


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